Sourdough Stater The Secret Of Delicious Bread

Anyone who has tasted authentic sour bread made up of a sourdough starter kefir grains knows that the depth of flavor and wonder of a well made sourdough loaf is tough to surpass. You may think that unless you live in a region well known for its sourdough bread it is nearly impossible to create such a loaf in your home. This is faraway from true, however, and almost anyone can make superb sour bread employing a homemade sourdough starter. What’s more, making your own homemade starter is actually a very simple process relying on only two simple ingredients:

Sourdough starter has always been one of the most popular styles of bread. With its strong, distinctive flavor and the ability to mesh well with a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, and other foods, it’s not hard to see why it is the bread-of-choice for many. Most stores and bakeries offer traditional loaves or rolls, but there is a whole variety of different styles of sourdough bread, making it even more suitable to a wide range of dishes and uses.

While traditional sourdough bread can be found just about anywhere, a great sourdough bread is not nearly as easy to find, or make. Making your own authentic sourdough starter and allowing adequate time for proofing and shaping can be a painstaking process, but they are necessary to experience the best taste and consistency with the piquancy and open crumb that good sourdough is known for.

These small rolls are great for buttering up or dipping in a soup. While not big enough for sandwiches, they will make a decent bun for sliders because of their size and the crusty consistency of their exterior. They also complement any delicious dinner spread as a tart dinner roll.

Unlike the round rolls, sourdough starter Stubby bread has a thin crust, and both the inside and outside consistency is relatively light. This style of sourdough bread is good for either sandwiches or to make a delicious garlic bread with. With a broad body and extremely thin exterior that won’t overpower the taste of ingredients, sourdough stubby makes a great surface to build the perfect sandwich on.